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Giulia Barela
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After graduating in law and after travelling and working for more than 10 years in the field of international relations, Giulia Barela decided to give herself the chance to do what she had secretly wanted to do since childhood: designing jewelry. In 2012 she founded Giulia Barela Jewelry in her design studio located in the heart of Rome, near Piazza Navona. With the appreciation of the public and industry experts, she has successfully consolidated her position in a competitive market. The brand’s steady growth in the world of high-end fashion jewelry has been reinforced by its presence in the finest concept stores. After intense promotion and participation in multiple exhibitions, Giulia Barela’s collections are now present in over 20 luxury boutiques in Italy and around the world. 2019 marked a major achievement: the opening of a flagship store in Rome, a boutique where jewelry, art and design are combined in a unique mix.


Signum is the name of the new collection by Giulia Barela Jewelry: a creative project that transforms her jewels into a wearable alphabet made of symbols, little artworks that you can wear daily. Their shape is a union of signs made with simple lines, primordial figures that make up chains – a metaphor for a universal link, a connection between people and also between our inner world and the outside. In creating the jewels of the Signum collection, Giulia Barela unconsciously approaches the imagery of the artist Giuseppe Capogrossi, an echo that testifies an inherited cultural background and a sensitivity towards beauty and art that has always distinguished her creations. The geometric shapes are reminiscent of the alphabet, musical compositions, figures that seem to blend, dance and hug, but also of the playful symbols of children’s drawings.
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