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Founded in 2017 by Francesco Gentile and Chiara Catone – a couple in life and work – when they decided to dedicate themselves to beauty and fashion, the brand is a kaleidoscope of delicate inspirations and futuristic visions, exchanges and shared experiences. The brand’s distinctive feature is the use of sophisticated prints, a combination of romanticism and gentleness, a symbol of spontaneous and subversive femininity – impalpable yet incisive, ever-changing and versatile. At the same time, the collections are contemporary and sophisticated, refined and modern, natural and environmentally sustainable. Their environmental impact is limited, as they are produced by companies that comply with specific certifications. The protagonist in textures and prints is nature, in all its multicoloured tones: an enchanting and wonderful nature to indulge in without hesitation.


The SS22 collection is a lyrical escape into the oblivion of sweet seasons, telling of sunrises cheered by a soft blue breeze, fields overflowing with fragrant flowers and light clothes swaying to the caresse of the trembling light. After months of prostrating enforced segregation, the collection is a message of hope, inspired by the delicate but strong-willed figure of Emily Dickinson, who voluntarily chose to shut herself away within the confines of her home for her entire life.By meticulously cataloguing the flowers she grew in her greenhouse, the poetess was able to transcend the limits of a narrow space and uncover the infinite before her eyes. Similarly, in this modern-day conflict between imprisonment and aspiration to the unlimited possibilities that life offers, this collection invites us to enjoy the comfort that art, with its creative and imaginative impetus, is able to provide. Dickinson’s legacy is precisely the overcoming of barriers, be they the walls of the home or the stereotypes and conventions to which society continues to conform, in order to assign a role or formulate an opinion. Redemption comes from “”madness, divinest sense to a discerning Eye””, the acute ability to see reality without the veils of prejudice, in its essential nakedness, to strip it bare in order to assert oneself. The collection is dedicated to each woman who, despite being “”a drop fighting the ocean””, as Dickinson put it, is committed to the titanic effort of overcoming limits and fighting to achieve her goals.
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