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Gaiofatto, by Michela Gaiofatto, originated from a vision of luxury interpreted as all-around wellbeing, as a “full” lifestyle, made up of sensations, of feeling good with yourself, with others and with the environment. Her garments have a high social impact, i.e. they collect positive energy during their journey in order to convey wellbeing in their turn. Gaiofatto also stands for style and research, craftsmanship and innovation, passion for details, in a path that leads towards excellence, towards luxury made of substance, not only of appearance. The result is an essential and modern aesthetic vision, characterized by a contemporary and linear style. A style closely linked to the concept of tailoring, starting from the fabrics, which are always precious and refined, to the trims, seams and small details, which – together – ensure durability and uniqueness.
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Sinuous lines and slippery cuts. A no-seasons design combined with the research of harmony, the common thread you can find in each Gaiofatto collection.
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