Arman Avetikyan
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Froy is a sustainable knitwear project which was founded in Milan in 2018 by Armenian-Russian designer Arman Avetikyan. Combining different cultures, architectural styles and modes of expression, Froy depicts a new world to be reached in search of common roots. Through its collections, the brand tells stories of everyday life, populated by characters who embody the vices and virtues of contemporary society. His project is based on the cultural exchange of ideas and inspirations, while his distinctive approach is to find original solutions by mixing high-quality materials and yarns. Sticking to a sustainable ethos, Froy reconciles traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques to create hybrid, versatile and meaningful surfaces.
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Froy shows its world through the prism of a cosmopolitan city, populated by individuals and emotions. A melting pot of different cultures and times, Froy gives life to a cryptic reality, in which dissonant elements find a way to live together.
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