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Carina Maddalena Negrone
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Frei und Apple is an independent project marked by free creativity which supports the transition towards a simpler and more sustainable fashion. Clothing and accessories with colourful prints transcend current trends and seasons and are characterized by an eclectic aesthetic research. References range from European art, ethnic tradition, industrial architecture, Bauhaus, pop art, vintage, electronic music and much more. Traditional collections are replaced by basic, hyper-versatile products: T-shirts, leggings, swimwear, dresses and masks made with a gallery of prints exclusively designed and created by Frei und Apple. Each piece is a colour therapy pill, a mood booster, which you can wear as an accessory and mix and match creatively and freely to find your own unique and personal style. Frei und Apple creates artisanal products that are entirely made in Italy. The brand, which was founded in 2009 by Carina Negrone, is a sustainable project in that it is free from the constraints of seasonality, avoiding waste and excess production.
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The various prints are featured on simple and versatile garments in entirely washable, soft, pure cotton or virgin wool interlock jersey: bodysuits, T-shirts, tube dresses and mock-turtlenecks, swimsuits and a night + day bodysuit, but also scarves, bags, headbands and headwear. 4 different types of neck (boat, round, V, mock-turtleneck) and 2 size options (S/M – M/L) are available for each T-shirt / dress, for a total of 50 variations to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The collection includes a wide variety of references to tribal culture, arts and crafts, contemporary music and visual art. Classic, ancestral and modern at the same time, these references speak to contemporary women who are style-conscious, well-informed and curious, and who do not want to give up on the charm of history and comfort. Wisely versatile, sophisticatedly simple garments and accessories are full of personality with their vivid colours. You can use them to create a total look or to enrich and customize any attire.
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Maia L2, Wool blu

Maia L1, Wool