Francesca Marchisio
Francesca Marchisio
  • Clothes
  • Genderless
  • Innovation
  • Rome
  • Sustainability
Francesca Marchisio is an Italian designer who owns an atelier in Reggio Emilia. Since 2004 she has worked as a fashion consultant for several companies. In 2018 she launched her eponymous brand with the aim of transforming what is functional into an object of design and reversible models into timeless objects. All materials are made in Italy, and the collections are distributed in luxury boutiques and international department stores. The designer combines the emotion of fashion with the industrial design method to create authentic garments. She actively engages in the promotion of sustainability by selecting raw materials, local suppliers and by repurposing waste material with her “Waste Couture” capsule.


Life is the only resistance to chaos, the only system capable of maintaining a constant level of entropy within it””, Yoan Bourgeois Just as the laws of thermodynamics highlight the circular process of energy, so must fashion draw inspiration from scientific concepts to promote human evolution and become a bridge to new awareness. Clothes are the mirror of our incessant evolution, in constant search of a stable balance. With the collection “”The Movement”” Francesca Marchisio explores balance, duality, the relationship between past and present: discarded clothes can be redesigned to become new and reversible models. The chaos of waste can undergo a reversible transformation thanks to embroiderers and seamstresses who create new value for new clothes. Minimalism meets uniqueness, the past becomes the future, through a fleeting present.
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