Francesca Cottone
  • Clothes
  • Rome
  • Startup
  • Sustainability
After a long experience in the field of fashion, in 2018 Francesca Cottone launched the first collection of her eponymous brand. The brand was born out of the need to go back to the perfection of made-in-Italy tailoring and to revolutionize it with a modern twist. This idea has pushed the designer to focus more and more on outerwear, suits and blazers, through the study of silhouettes, volumes, seams and paper patterns. The collections, both for men and women, are characterized by minimalist and structured lines, constantly inspired by a rigorous yet sensual feeling.


Waking up after the winter’s slumber evokes rebirth and joy. It softens the features of the world and lightens the heart. The combination of two worlds originates tropical whispers narrated by Italian tradition: a spring that smells of memories, smiles and desire.
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