Fili Pari
Alice Zantedeschi / Francesca Pievani
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Fili Pari is an innovative start-up company — located in the Polihub incubator, a business accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano university and partner of the start-up — that develops and promotes unconventional and eco-friendly materials for the textile sector. The project originated in the premises of the university. The name Fili Pari is an anagram of Fripi and Ali, the two founders. It is also an immediate reference to yarns (“fili” meaning “threads”), textiles and the overall vision that characterizes the brand. The company specializes in cutting-edge technologies for the re-use of marble powders, with the aim of designing new materials that combine style, innovation and technical performance.
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The new SS21 collection confirms the brand’s attention to an ethical and responsible fashion. The MARM \ MORE coating is coupled with recycled nylon in totally natural colours thanks to the presence of marble powder that replaces synthetic elements for more than 50% of the coating. White Marble, Black Ebony Marble, Red Verona Marble and Verde Alpi Marble are pastel shades and they follow the shapes with a fresh and light style, to express a desire for redemption and positive energy. The collection will be available online from March on the website and in selected marketplace platforms dedicated to sustainability and innovation issues. The choice of responsible fashion is visible in every detail: even the packaging is made of recycled and compostable materials to fully express the philosophy of the brand.
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