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Cristiano Ferilli
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Cristiano Ferilli, an optician and orthoptist from the Salento area, is a pioneer in the world of eyewear, capable of combining design and new techniques. In 2018, he launched Ferilli Eyewear, a line inspired by the idea of using innovative, environmentally sustainable and unusual materials – in this case inextricably linked to his native region, such as the prickly pear. The glasses are made of Sikalindi® fibre (prickly pear in the Griko language). Once dehydrated, the fibre is backed by birch wood panels and then coated in resin. Finally, it is used to make the frames of the glasses, which are enriched with olive, ebony and prickly pear wood temples.
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The second Ferilli collection costists of six models, which continue to tell the Apulian towns. The concept is totally renewed with a new focus on lightness. A novelty are the arms , made of ebony or fiber, while the lenses are colored with nuances such as degradè purple in yellow
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