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Femea Milano bags are an elegant tribute to a land of craftsmanship. They are luxury à porter. Femea Milano is the result of a collaboration between manager Luca Cantele and architect Fabiana Scrudato, a pair of creative talents united by a passion for beauty. With 20 years’ experience in the world of luxury design, they boast collaborations with important brands such as Fendi, Bentley, Trussardi and Bugatti. Their first collection is the City Collection. Each bag reproduces marble powder bas-reliefs of three important Italian cities: Rome, Venice and Milan. The second collection is Floating, which once again mixes architecture and design. The surfaces, which seem to have been sculpted by the wind, recall the waves of the sea, with optical effects that create the illusion of infinite spaces confined within a finite volume, typical of fluid architecture.


The “floating bag” collection blends architecture, design and form to create precious bags that seem to be sculpted by the waves of the sea and shaped by the wind. Surfaces characterized by twisting shapes and dramatic light create the illusion of infinite space within a finite volume, in true deconstructivist style.
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