Martina Visciano & Federica Visciano
  • Accessories
  • Genderless
  • Innovation
  • Made in sud
  • Rome
  • Startup
  • Sustainability
What started as a hobby for two sisters, Martina and Federica Visciano – assembling necklaces, earrings, brass and silver medallions on the kitchen table – turned into an independent business in 2014. Always on the lookout for something unique and original, after graduating in Art, the two sisters decided to carry out in-depth research and studies into the design of fashion accessories. This is how Femarjo was founded in Naples. Each piece of the collections is handmade in Italy, pursuing a local and made-in-Italy production, and paying more attention to the environment. The materials used are brass, 925 silver, crystals and zircons. Femarjo represents the perfect combination of the two designers: glam-rock pieces with a streetwear and romantic feel which reflect the personalities of every woman, giving them the chance to express themselves in an individual and authentic way.


Minimalist design but maxi volumes, going from one excess to another in the exploration of femininity in jewellery. Gold is without doubt the predominant colour: chains, coins and crystals are the main elements. Shapes and symmetries are designed to enhance style and personality.
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