Filomena Saltarelli
  • Clothes
  • Genderless
  • Innovation
  • Rome
  • Sustainability
Feelomena by Filomena Saltarelli is a brand that allows women to “feel” – as suggested by the choice of the English word “feel”, the sound of which echoes the designer’s name – even more feminine, unique and unconventional. Every Feelomena outfit is immediately recognisable: entirely handmade in Italy, using only the finest fabrics, with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Feelomena combines the comfort and austerity of everyday clothing with the luxury of made-in-Italy fabrics and design. By contrasting Italian style with glamour and minimalism, Feelomena embodies the personality of its founder and of today’s women: elegant, contemporary, fascinating, always cool in reinterpreting different aspects of their femininity.


Feelomena 2022 nasce dallo studio dell’antico rituale giapponese del Seppuku: suicidio volontario dei samurai. La collezione rielabora la purezza e il rigore di questo gesto, svelando inaspettate aperture, incastri geometrici e rotondità inattese.
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