Desirèe Madonna
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Désirée Madonna is the founder and artistic director of Eticlò. Founded after numerous experiences in different regions of the world, the brand is the result of a reflection on how to develop a healthy and responsible alternative in the textile sector. In fact, the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Eticlò (from “ethical closet”) makes responsible and stylish collections that use only natural and organic fabrics that are strictly made in Italy. Essential garments of the highest quality in terms of design and materials, a clean and refined style that embodies one of the most important guidelines of the brand: the durability of the collections.
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Eticlò’s SS 21 collection represents a completely innovative approach to fashion, where ethics and aesthetics come together to create a unique and refined product. Large volumes and soft organic fabrics – inspired by the concept of motion – for timeless beauty.
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