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Lisa Tigano is the designer of the “EllemenTi” brand. The intuition that led to the birth of the brand came from the project she developed for her graduation thesis, entitled “Ruined Refuge”, which she completed with the support of designer Gabriele Colangelo. The project was based on the idea that most people, once they look at themselves, become aware of details in their appearance which are not in line with the canons established by the mass. EllemenTi tries to meet this need with its collections, composed of garments that are based on three key points: craftsmanship, made-in-Italy design and production, and attention to details. Above all, they are unique pieces made in such a way as to hide the parts of the body you most want to cover and bring out those you most want to show: “bringing out what’s inside”.
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What is a puzzle? It is a game of patience that consists in rearranging the scattered elements of an object, generally to recompose a figure. Basically, you open a puzzle box to train your mind and spend some good time on your own or with others. Figuratively speaking, the term is used to indicate a complicated situation or a difficult problem. In the past year EllemenTi has withdrawn a lot into itself, without stopping observing others carefully and silently, noting the difficulty of reacting to things – whther they are right or wrong. The intent of the new winter collection is not to build, but to rebuild on stable grounds. Resetting an unpleasant situation with the idea of ​​rearranging and perfectly fitting all the elements that have always been part of the brand’s philosophy. It is right in front of a puzzle that Lisa has designed the flash collection, composed of a colour chart ranging from white to gray, from beige to blue, with hints of burgundy and forest green. The F | W 21-22 collection follows the classic and timeless design of the brand, which has also been built thanks to the support and various suggestions of those who have always followed and supported it. Lisa has used natural and recycled materials, because never before have we needed creativity and innovation in relation to what has been going on around us for some time. Warm and comfortable natural fabrics are used to maintain the idea of ​​a time when synthetic fabrics did not exist. Machine knitting has been made possible by the choice of virgin merino wool and wool. The volumes of the F | W are wide, but with the desire to highlight the right points in a woman’s body, so they end up being soft and comfortable. The collection follows EllemenTi’s philosophy, i.e. to show the strengths of each woman’s body, to hide the most critical aspects, “”bringing out what’s inside””.
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