DELVE Artisanal jewelry art
Evangeline de Sosa
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Evangeline de Sosa founded DELVE artisanal jewelry art and Delve Medical Jewelry, both lines are designed and wax molds are crafted by Evangeline herself. Before she decided to concentrate on making jewelries, she had fun participating in various exhibits in Rome. Those wonderful adventures happened after she took a private lesson on handcrafting with lost wax while working as a nurse in a weight lose centre. She got her degree in Nursing in 2012 at “La Sapienza”. The surge of social media led her to study social media marketing to have a better understanding on how these platforms work. A client can easily perceive her love for art and fashion through the jewelries. The art world is a constant inspirational source of element that she blends with her knowledge in medicine. In her free time she loves to visit galleries and museums.
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Human Anatomy is fascinating as the heavenly bodies. DELVE’s alluring and peculiar design inspired mainly from the human anatomy will lead you to discover how astonishing the human body is. Through an artistic craftsmanship, limitless creativity and continuous research these elegant and feminine pieces came to life. “My goal is to make everyone aware of how our anatomical parts can be beautiful and a wide source of inspirational element. That it’s sole purpose is not just linked to vitality.”
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