Giuseppe Della Monica
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The DELLAMONICA brand embodies the principles of the founding designer, Giuseppe Della Monica, who approaches production with an environmentally sustainable vision. All processes are almost entirely plastic-free and materials, from textiles to paper, are for the most part recycled and recyclable. The T-shirts are water-printed to preserve the environment and save natural resources. The focus on sustainability is merged with the entire semiotic content of Giuseppe’s production: his origins from the Campania region, the use of ceramics, Milan’s LGBT scene, the importance of tailoring he learned about during his studies, and the technological component he discovered during the Silicon Valley Study Tour. Everything merges and becomes clothing.
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This collection (The Sea in Winter – Again) starts from a research I did during this pandemic when I happened to go back to my birthplace, Vietri sul mare, a little village on the Amalfi coast. My research was about famous personalities who loved spending time on the Amalfi coast, and I loved in particular the elegance of Ingrid Bergman. I tried to blend this world with the most precious thing I have, and one of my biggest sources of inspiration: my family. I added to this collection another important symbol of the Amalfi coast, ceramics, and used its traditional patterns for buttons, brooches and appliqués for garments and accessories.
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