Maria Paola Pedetta
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It all started in 2018, when Maria Paola Pedetta launched Dejamis’ first collection, reinventing and reassessing a garment that was considered outdated and obsolete: the vest. Dejamis sees itself as an innovative brand, inspired by the idea of recovering furs forgotten in wardrobes and giving them new life. The brand’s mission is to end the killing of animals and to combine old furs with other fabrics and garments. Maria Paola Pedetta creates unique garments for Dejamis, using and mixing fabrics from all over the world. In this way, she revolutionizes the idea of “traditional fur” with lines and materials that had never been used before. Each garment is enriched with decorations and fabrics from other cultures, sought and selected for their beauty and history.
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I wanted to create a collection of only vests, the “”Hero”” object which, presented in the most diverse interpretations, becomes the brand’s flagship. Like a jewel to wear in any occasion, it is further enriched with shapes, materials and decorations. In addition to lapin rex, where original fabrics and decorations mix and make them unique pieces, whose softness is a ‘cuddle’ that always accompanies you in the colder seasons; now the split leather vest is born which lends itself well to a lighter concept of the vest. Practical and versatile, the gilet could not miss in your wardrobe, now even in the hottest seasons.
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Gilet Open

Gilet Open lungo

Gilet Margherita

Gilet Margherita var. color celeste

Gilet Yin&Yang