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DALPAOS originated as a capsule collection of unisex clothes made with fabrics recycled from furniture, unsold garments and unique artists’ designs. This has remained the basic brand concept: the combination of design and materials, of artistic inspiration and ethical products. Every season, with the expansion of collections, the brand has taken shape and evolved gradually. Classic garments are reinterpreted in a modern way. High-quality fabrics, fine tailoring, ease of wear are all combined in the search for the perfect balance between classic and new. DALPAOS has worked with mostly natural products since the very beginning. Indeed, nowadays true research is about sustainability and ethics.


The Palindrome collection takes inspiration from the union of letters and numbers that form the season and year of reference, “SS22”, which can be read both left to right and right to left. The idea to look at opposite directions, right like we can do with palindrome words, inspired the designer to look at different eras: the past, i.e. the last seven decades of fashion, working on details, fit, shapes, and some must-haves from different times, to then move fast towards the near future. The focus on an imaginary timeline where everything’s on the move, travels and evolves to come back to our present here and today.
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