Nicola D’Alpaos
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DALPAOS originated as a capsule collection of unisex clothes made with fabrics recycled from furniture, unsold garments and unique artists’ designs. This has remained the basic brand concept: the combination of design and materials, of artistic inspiration and ethical products. Every season, with the expansion of collections, the brand has taken shape and evolved gradually. Classic garments are reinterpreted in a modern way. High-quality fabrics, fine tailoring, ease of wear are all combined in the search for the perfect balance between classic and new. DALPAOS has worked with mostly natural products since the very beginning. Indeed, nowadays true research is about sustainability and ethics.
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The new DALPAOS FW21-22 “Optimist” collection has an optimistic approach, but it does it in an unconventional way, from a different and creative point of view. We believe that the key to these days is to look at everything in a positive way and to find beauty and irony in what surronds us. This collection has been inspired by some of the designer’s passions, including plants. Our selection focuses on drug and poisonous plants, with the purpose of representing their beauty in spite of their common use. The designer chose the elegant Opium and a selection of mushrooms to pay homage to the tradition of DALPAOS’ area of origin: in this case, psychedelic mushrooms! That area has inspired the collection with its mountains and woods, which call to mind the designer’s chilhood, and which are contrasted with urban and contemporary shapes and spaces. The symbol of the brand, which aspires to become iconic, is the heart, inspired by the Origami technique. The symbol was first presented with the SS21 “Construction” collection during “Who is on Next?” contest at Altaroma, where DALPAOS was one of the finalists. The heart has now become a central element of the new collection. Luxurious recycled fabrics — either deadstock or totally natural — play and blend with each othergiving origin to a collection inspired by a weekend trip. The collection was first presented with the short movie “DALPAOS WITCH PROJECT” during the Milan Fashion Week, on the occasion of DALPAOS’ debut.
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