Beatrice Giaccaglia, Camilla De Santis, Irene Piccirilli, Valentina Battaglia
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  • Innovation
  • Rome
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  • Sustainability
The combination of these keys on a computer is used to undo the last action performed. In a world where “fast fashion” devours everything it produces, this brand does the opposite. It presses CTRL+Z to look (back) at what it is leaving behind, recover it and re-invent it, enriching the present and safeguarding the future. Made-in-Italy fashion harbours many treasures that risk being abandoned. The world of craftsmanship is one of them, and the CTRL+Z project – founded by Valentina Battaglia, Camilla De Santis, Beatrice Giaccaglia and Irene Piccirilli – aims to recover them by reinterpreting the past in an intelligent and innovative way. Each garment is made entirely in Italy from natural fabrics and yarns, most of which are recovered from leftover stock, while others are supplied by companies dealing in recycled or regenerated fabrics. The aim is not to introduce new materials into an already highly saturated segment, but to use them in avant-garde productions with rich and lively palettes.


The clocks are turned one hour ahead, the wires on the balconies begin to be filled with laundry, and the mind already dreams of summer. The sea and an ice cream dripping in your hands, while you correct the letters in the white boxes, because you just made a mistake in the crooswords (23 horizontal). Undo to redo_
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