Federica Tiranti / Chiara Marconi
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Chitè was born out of the clear mission of its founders — Federica Tiranti and Chiara Marconi — to create something new in the world of lingerie. A comprehensive and interactive experience, different from anything that has existed before: it puts the woman who will wear Chitè’s underwear at the centre of attention, because every woman should feel good about herself. Attention to sustainability is part of the brand’s DNA: Chitè has embraced the philosophy of slow couture, which is based on respect for and reduction of consumption chains. The fabrics are Italian. They are resistant, while being of very high quality. Buy less, buy better garments that last longer.
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Chitè’s permanent collection fully represents the brand’s values and the women we are talking to: strong and confident women who live their life with nonchalant elegance. This combination inspired timeless pieces of lingerie which aim to enhance the uniqueness of every woman wearing them. Bright satin fabrics are coloured in lavish and impactful tints. Each one of the different shades of colour brings deep feelings to the surface, for a less dreamy and more authentic woman who is fierce and elegantly embraces her femininity without filters. Tulle weightlessly covers the body of a sheer feeling. The goal here is to create unique pieces of lingerie that will make women feel good about themselves: that is why comfort is a top priority for every piece of the collection.
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Slip Lover in tulle - Lover

Perizoma in tulle - Cheeky Lover

Reggiseno in raso e tulle - Andromeda

Slip in raso - Cassiopea

Reggiseno con coppa in raso - Supernova