Casa Preti
Mattia Piazza
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Casa Preti was founded in 2017 by Palermo-based tailor Mattia Piazza and by Swiss architect Steve Gallay. The name of the fashion house comes from painter Mattia Preti of the Neapolitan school, who was strongly influenced by Caravaggio. The vision was to create a place to feel at home, with clothes characterized by clerical lines which, unchanged over time, have reached a level of truth, thus becoming iconic. Casa Preti originated from an idea of visionary craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the needs of contemporaries. The concept is “buono uguale bello” (“good means beautiful”), meaning that the production chain is managed in a virtuous way by purchasing locally produced Italian fabrics.
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The Casa Preti F/W 2021 2022 collection is guided by a keyword, an imperative: love. Everything begins with love – love for the loved ones, love for cooking, for conviviality, love for travel. The beating heart is a true heart, a feeling heart, a heart of flesh. Love for dance, love for bodies, romantic love, dramatic love, a mother’s love, love for God, for faith, for trust, love as faith. Loving with passion, purity, clarity, falling in love with what is clear, love between spouses, love for one’s own passions, for the search of limits and borders. How far can I go? If we can lay ourselves bare through our bodies and join them to the others’ bodies, we can reach supreme love. An inner journey between reason and feeling that translates into tones of dusty light blue and grey, matched with the warm and shining colours of laminate surfaces, where urban references are mingled with the essential lines of a rigorous design. References range from the suits of stewardesses to non-explicit heart shapes. Everything is in communication with the other and with the whole. It is in this dialogue that a single being is created: the one Plato used to talk about through Aristophanes, a creature that cannot be defeated because of its ability to love.
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