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Casa Preti was founded in 2017 by Palermo-based tailor Mattia Piazza and by Swiss architect Steve Gallay. The name of the fashion house comes from painter Mattia Preti of the Neapolitan school, who was strongly influenced by Caravaggio. The vision was to create a place to feel at home, with clothes characterized by clerical lines which, unchanged over time, have reached a level of truth, thus becoming iconic. Casa Preti originated from an idea of visionary craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the needs of contemporaries. The concept is “buono uguale bello” (“good equals beautiful”), meaning that the production chain is managed in a virtuous way by purchasing locally produced Italian fabrics.


Skin. CASA PRETI’s spring-summer collection 2022 is interconnected to the act of reading society as a body, in which every individual is indispensable. A body signed by stretch marks, indelible signs, which become handworked textiles, marble slats, through strident modelling. Bodies as social relations, they alleviate and stretch, though they always stay apart of the same whole. When imagining ourselves in the thermal baths of Caracalla, we can perceive still the uproar of the water, which is becoming a sound, thermal baths as in Agorà; the spaces were idealised for diverse activities, libraries, gardens, baths. They gave the opportunity, horizontally, to skins and bodies to blend and inside bodies, to thoughts, and loves. From the point of view of production and consciousness, there is the need to go back to a horizontal exchange of values. For CASA PRETI, this is associated with unifying bodies and the concept of social sustainability. For the production of our garments, all the production chain has been organised locally, respecting every value of every party. The modellistic lines are essential, clean, and stringent; they are dialoguing with the idea to stretch a piece of fabric until making it become something else. Selecting linen as the primary material has been helpful to push this concept to the extreme. Knit is defined by the contraposition between empty/void and full, like furrows on our skin. The colours recall an idealized classicality, purple-red, the green of olives, the white of the ancient robes. In the way stretch marks sign our bodies, our experiences also change our lives, behaviours, and habits; sustainability, inclusivity, and love are the starting points to generate a virtuoso circle we feel called to respond.
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