Carolina Ravarini
Carolina Ravarini
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Carolina Ravarini’s jewelry distinguishes itself by the constant presence of a “point of yellow”, every piece was designed to bring a little bit of sun with it. Even in the creations in which there are no stones, the “point of yellow” can be seen in the shape or the inclination of the material, specifically made this way in order to reflect light – connected to positivity – and radiate beauty in whoever wears them. The collection is composed by Sempreverde, in which the rosary technique is used, and Felicità, where the pieces are created through the technique of “cera persa” . The stones come from all over the world and are personally selected by the designer. Every jewel is made by experienced hands, in order to guarantee the high quality of made in Italy.
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Carolina Ravarini’s jewelry distinguishes itselfs for the constant presence of a “hint of yellow”. Indeed, every piece is designed to bring a little bit of sun with it. The collection is characterized by the theme of nature. Every piece is associated with an ancient meaning, thus taking a symbolic value.
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