BGBL – bouncing bags
Elisabetta Viola
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BGBL is the made-in-Italy bag brand that bounces between sport and style, between past and present. The sporting reference is the use of distinctive materials and textures, which convey this world in an urban context. The BGBL collection contains various stories — of sport, of passing the ball, of players, of friendship, of victories, of achievements. A mix and match of high-quality leather and materials recovered from sports clubs, such as basketballs and uniforms. Awareness of environmental issues is combined with a passion for Italian design, taking the various souls of sport as a concept. Hand-cutting and craftsmanship maintain the uniqueness of each ball, making each bag and each ball a unique piece.
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BGBL is a new brand of bags that embraces circular economy. We trade second-hand basketballs for new ones, turning no longer used objects into the heart and soul of our concept. The basketball leather is cut into pieces by hand and combined with high-quality leather to create unique bags.
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B-One/variante pelle dollaro nera

B-One/variante pelle bruschetta antracite

B-Three/variante pelle dollaro nera

B-Move/variante pelle dollaro nera

B-Move/variante pelle dollaro nera + pallone in pelle