Andrea Coli
The Benevierre project, from the design to the production of each individual garment, is completely Italian. The brand is based on the cornerstones of Italian culture: craftsmanship and tailoring. A journey that analyzes the individual person, trying to bring to light the need to communicate, to express oneself, to represent oneself through a piece of clothing. Benevierre embraces the policies of social inclusion in every single aspect, from product to communication. Respect and love for what surrounds us has always characterized the choices of the brand, especially in terms of sustainability. The brand has set itself the goal of optimizing its supply chain in order to make totally sustainable products by the end of 2021.


A testimony to a new season, a new emotion, a new adventure. The collection is a flame that enchants, warms and fascinates. In its collections, Benevierre has always created a connection between past and present, seeking to unify the colours and volumes of the past with the dynamism of the present. Based on the cornerstones of Italian manufacturing from the 60s and 70s, the brand takes care of every single detail of its garments, from the yarn to the button. Bright, shiny colours come to life on revisited volumes, deep cuts and combinations of bonded fabrics. Benevierre brings out all sides of the personality of the people who wear the brand. The expression of the ego, the person, the character, beyond any prejudice, concept or stereotype. Freedom of expression in the broadest sense of the phrase, without classifications or distinctions.
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