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Benedict is a project by Benedetta Morini, who was born in Bologna in 1986. Fashion, music and art have always fuelled her curiosity to discover the world through travel. Her work focuses obsessively on details, desecrates tradition and pursues maximum aesthetics. Benedict stands for continuous exploration, an extraordinary mediation between folk and street style. Benedict stands for absolute eccentricity and disobedience. The goth-chic style of its accessories is something different, something rare, which cannot be found anywhere else.


In 2022 we will seek not only what’s natural, but even super-natural, whether in tropical paradises or in man-made wonderlands. Benedict’s focus will shift towards innovative experiences and materials, with technologies that create feelings of euphoria and soft psychedelia. This quest for escapism celebrates the more sensual side of the world. Products take on tropical influences, both realistically and in high-definition versions, forging a new, hyper-exotic design trend. Nature inspires innovative 3D shapes, structures and textures for fashion, while the product design, materials and fabrics are reinvented in an opulent way, with intense colors.
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