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Batog came to life from an idea of A. Roxana Batog, a designer and milliner of Romanian origins. Attracted by the world of fashion and art, Roxana arrives in Florence at the age of 19 and falls madly in love with “the most beautiful city in the world”, and there she starts working in the real estate and interior design fields. Years later, however, she lives an experience that marks her deeply and changes her life forever. In fact, she approaches the world of headgear while dealing with breast cancer. Playing with fabrics, colors and shapes, the designer manages to de-dramatize the moment by creating wonderful turbans and hats and rediscovering her sparkling creativity. The world of artistic hats fascinates her so much that, once recovered, she decides to go to London to specialize in millinery. Hats become a way for her to express herself… A kind of blank canvas on which she impresses her emotions and ideas, experimenting with new combinations and new materials and giving life to new and gritty designs. At the end of 2019 she launches Batog and dedicates herself to the creation of her first collections. Each Batog hat is created to become the exclamation point of the outfit of the woman who wears it and to make her feel unique and special.


Kintsugi, the art of rebirth. This collection was inspired by the kintsugi art of repairing broken objects with gold and giving them new life. Through gold, interpreted as resilience, complete acceptance and desire to learn as much as possible from the apparently negative events, we manage to put the pieces back together and heal the wounds. Objects take on a new life, embellished with golden veins. Bringing this metaphor into our lives allows us to gain greater awareness and to look at life from a different perspective. Reusing and recovering becomes even more pleasant and trendy, as well as sustainable.
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