Ginevra Vitale / Manuel Romano / Andrea Giordano Orsini
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Bams is a fashion company that specializes mainly in footwear and is now entering the vast world of accessories. Young, Italian, innovative, contemporary, but without neglecting timeless classics: these are some of the characteristics that distinguish the brand’s collections and the city that inspires them, Naples. The three founders — Ginevra Vitale, Andrea Giordano Orsini and Manuel Romano —, united by their passion for fashion, make it their mission to combine the excellence of Neapolitan craftsmanship with cutting-edge materials and techniques. They present an innovative style, a revolutionary concept of elegance always focused on quality, details and strictly made-in-Italy production. The result is a mix of upholstery fabrics, exotic leather, velvet with unique and special effects and finishes, Indonesian silk and fine cotton that make each shoe a unique piece.
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The Bams FW 20/21 collection was designed by using handmade inlaid silk velvet, by carefully selecting leather and buffered metallic nappa leather, and by using uncommon materials for footwear. The inspiration for the collection comes from travelling, experiences, cultural diversity…. But, above all, from the unusual and unconventional idea of using upholstery fabrics – normally used for interior furnishing – for footwear. A woman wearing Bams can be defined with just one word: elegant. What is elegance? It is an art of living and thinking that becomes visible in the way a woman dresses, but it goes beyond mere clothing. It is also about her bearing, gestures, way of speaking, class, and femininity. It is a mix of good manners, good taste, personality, and curiosity. The Bams woman has a simple yet sophisticated –and truly unique! – style.
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