Ballerì Sorrento
Gaia, Sergio and Solange de Lizza
  • Startup
  • Made in sud
  • Accessories
In 2018 three siblings, Gaia, Sergio and Solange de Lizza, with three different personalities and backgrounds founded a brand of made-in-Italy footwear with a decidedly traditional flavour. The scent of lemons and the cheerful atmosphere of Naples are the ingredients of Ballerì ballet pumps. The shoes are made in Naples following the ancient tradition handed down over the years from generation to generation and they are inspired by the land of Parthenope. The mission of the brand’s founders is not only to create fine Italian artisanal footwear, but also to promote the traditions, colours and excellence of their homeland (Capri, Sorrento, the Amalfi coast, Naples) as one of the most important centres of made-in-Italy fashion.
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Flat shoes and boots for dynamic, busy, yet always sexy women. Timeless shapes are reinterpreted with a modern twist. Unique details in silk, nappa leather, hand-fringed canvas and embroidered lemon patterns, the brand’s trademark, embellish the uppres and the accessories
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