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Born and raised in Milan, my first experience in fashion was as a womenswear collection designer at Dolce&Gabbana. In 2005 I was invited to work in Paris with John Galliano for Maison Christian Dior as senior designer for the womenswear pret-à-porter and haute couture collections. This opportunity was a unique experience that impressed upon me the notion that creativity has no boundaries. In 2007 I moved back to Milan to work at Versace as head designer of women’s ready to wear and alta moda collections. My eight year tenure working under Donatella Versace was an unforgettable experience, in which her trust allowed for my creativity to freely flow. I contributed to the renewing of the brand image during my time there. In 2016 LVHM approached me with a new project at Emilio Pucci. Managing the design department and collaborating in the redevelopment of the brand image alongside the creative director. After this invaluable experience I felt ready to realize my long held dream: to establish my personal brand and begin to express my own voice. In 2021 ATXV was born.


As the passages of time are visible in the rock of ages past, we forget to remember how inextricably linked we are to each other and the past and by how we approach our future together. We define a single moments bliss by measuring sensibility and sensuality offering reverence to beauty in all its forms. Our bodies are innocent to this, perceiving pleasure via the language of eroticism of which we are intimately bound to. Our stories, lives, places, and people continue to overlap, we are singularity united by our diversity, however distracted by differences. Yet the body is humankind’s one uniting theme. The one language we can all understand and related to. Body language is subtle, creative, and emotive. And the contact we have yearned for so long now returns, our bodies once again merging, defining, and altered humanity free to be itself. The protagonist in this new eroticism is Jersey, the common element that envelops, overlaps, and binds us as one entity, continuing to draw new shapes, draping and distorting on the bodies without reticence or timidity.
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