Federica Mazzettini / Marta Cigala / Pietro Mazzettini
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The brand’s history is rooted in the values of its founders: Pietro and Federica, brother and sister, and Marta, their mother. The desire to create something timeless, essential and valuable led them to found Asciari in 2016. The name of the brand comes from an ancient Sicilian term which means “to find oneself, to search, to meet”. It is a workshop of special ideas and projects in which craftsmanship and design dialogue with each other, generating precise cultural and aesthetic codes and defining an identity of timeless values. The collections are based on pure, unstructured shapes, which are the result of a meticulous research into raw materials. The brand only uses natural and other valuable fibres and combines them with high-quality tailoring techniques made exclusively in Sicily.
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The Fall / Winter 2021 collection, Aromatica, pays homage to nature and to its aromatic plants. Humans form an integral component of the natural ecosystem. Aromatic plants are grown in nurseries, open fields or even at home. They often represent the sole bond with nature for those living in an urban environment. This need for interaction with nature and its slowness is even more urgent now, since everything is so fast and digitized. Planting aromatic and fragrant perennials adds a sensory experience that is not only visual and chromatic, but also olfactory, with a calming and positive effect as well. A special imagery made of: the yellow nuances of turmeric and cumin, the greens of rosemary, sage and mint, the white of orchid caper and of coriander flowers, without forgetting all the brown tones of the earth which give birth to these plants. This alchemic imagery made of colours and fragrances also guides the choice of fabrics and textures. As usual, we only choose natural fibers, eco-friendly and organic fabrics, recycled feather down, hemp and wool, alpaca and the iconic pure double wool and pure double cashmere for coats and jackets.The total look is then completed with some soft cashmere knitwear. Finally, the production is completely made in Sicily pursuing tailoring excellence and attention to details.
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