Aru Eyewear
Daniela Verazzo
  • Accessories
Architect Daniela Verazzo founded the Aru brand, synonymous with creativity and style, fashion and design, tradition and innovation. The brand’s mission and philosophy are based on the excellence of Italian know-how. The brand was created two years ago out of the desire to give life to true made-in-Italy design, and to spread all over the world the style of the Italian eyewear tradition made of acetates, metals and of every single part of these harmonious examples of Italian talent. A craftsmanship that evolves thanks to innovation and research. These are the brand’s cornerstones, together with creativity and imagination that translate into essential lines, made with soft-coloured, extravagant and elegant acetates, which blend into purist and dynamic shapes to create the brand’s mood.
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Aru’s creativity and imagination are a tangible sign that you can see in the three lines of the collection. Mood of the brand: sinuos lines; modern, versatile colours; a creative approach that is essential for anyone loving to impress themselves and others.
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Torque – Accessorio appendi occhiali

Ginza - Collezione Strade della moda

Pitt – Collezione Strade della moda

Condotti – Collezione Strade della moda

Élysées – Collezione Strade della moda