Marco Rossi
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Awareness, respect and independence are the key words that define Another David, a fashion brand founded in the post-Covid era by designer Marco Rossi. Inspired by the value of Michelangelo’s David, a perfect and vital image which condenses all the greatness of art, Another David designs a real man who challenges aesthetic stereotypes and considers design and technology as resources to accelerate the revolution of beauty to finally make it ethical and radical. Combining the forms of classical art with the languages of 20th century street subcultures, Rossi has created menswear with a comfortable fit, characterized by the peculiar combination of a sporty urban street style and an elegant contemporary allure. Another David is a creative workshop working in limited editions, avoiding fragmentation of production, promoting high-quality Umbrian craftsmanship and local development. Sustainability guides the brand’s production, which combines the use of organic and/or certified raw materials with the careful selection of scrap materials, as well as with the appreciation of work and human labour.


Born from the desire to translate the singular “social” moment that we are all called to experience in the Covid era of an aesthetic key. Verticality, clean lines, neutral colors become visual codes capable of creatively witnessing the emotions of contemporary man. To these are added graphic patterns based on the repetition of the sign, of an oval, a graphic synthesis of the view on other of people, characterized by the presence of two fires also symbol of the proxemic bubble that defines interpersonal distance. The raw material of the capsule is chosen by looking at the tactile experience and the sensation felt while wearing the garments
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