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ANNAGIULIA FIRENZE is a family business run by a team of women — sisters — with a family background of tailoring and craftsmanship since 1947. In 2016 they created ANNAGIULIA Firenze, choosing as core values a timeless femininity, a silhouette inspired by the world of lingerie and the use of fine Italian fabrics. The brand uses elegant plain or printed silk from Como and velvet from Veneto, Scotland, soft mohair and the ever-present Italian and French lace, a must-have for the brand. Everything is entirely handmade near Florence, and in the Atelier in the heart of Rome. Thanks to the latter, the brand meets Italian and foreign customers on a daily basis, creating true Made to Order products, collaborating with stylists and costume designers from the worlds of cinema and theatre.


ANNAGIULIA FIRENZE’s Fall Winter 2021-22 collection was inspired by the world of tattoos, an ancient pictorial decoration technique already found on mummies dated 500 b.C. and used by many populations for religious, magical or pure embellishment purposes. The brand has created a unique print obtained by dyeing lace patterns, a must-have of the brand, on the fabric with natural materials. The result is just like a tattoo, absolutely consistent with ANNAGIULIA’s feminine and timeless image. Stylistically, the collection follows the British men’s fashion of the 1920s staged by the TV series Peaky Blinders. In the city of Birmingham, devastated by the first postwar period, people struggle to survive a very difficult economic and social period. Indeed, the colors are always wrapped in a sort of fog: cream, powder pink, camel, dark raspberry, cloud blue, dusty grey, chocolate, navy blue and black. The creative team has created the collection taking inspiration from the iconic men’s garments worn by the Shelby family, the main characters of the TV series, such as jackets, trousers with pleats and coats. Contrasts are created with extremely feminine details, such as chiffon shirts with inlays of laces, organza ruches, vests lined with lace and corsets. Accessories such as the tie, hat and pocket watch make the styling even more interesting. The brand has therefore managed to remain faithful to itself and to its femininity by experimenting with fabrics never used before and it has successfully expanded its vision. Each collection takes the title of a song. For this one, the creative team took inspiration from the British band Coldplay’s “Ink”. In addition to the beauty of the music and lyrics, the song also evokes tattoos, the main inspiration of this season.
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