Andrés Romo by Andrés Romo
Andrés Romo Crespo
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The brand Andrés Romo by Andrés Romo was created in 2019 with the intention of representing a woman who takes inspiration from the past to mix it with the present with lightheartedness and joy. In fact, each garment is designed and set in playful, romantic and festive situations. The themes of each collection are inspired by the colours and cheerfulness typical of Mexico, the designer’s country of origin. He has his homeland in his heart, while keeping an eye on Italy, the country he has chosen and where his garments are entirely made.


The “”Rumberas”” shocked the Mexican capital in the 1940s and 1950s, as people were confronted with the moral and social conventions of the time. Andrés Romo by Andrés Romo dedicates the SS 2022 collection to these iconic women, full of charm, beauty and talent. Thanks to these outfits, the woman of today by Andrés Romo can feel charming, beautiful and at the centre of the world.
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