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Passion, craftsmanship and audacity define the career of Alessandro Vigilante. Born in 1982, of Apulian origins, he has always combined fashion and dance, the cornerstones of his inspiration and style. This inner world and his professional experiences – 7 years at Dolce & Gabbana, then Gucci and Philosophy – gave rise to the need to communicate his own personal vision of style and femininity, with the launch of his eponymous brand. Alessandro Vigilante blends perspective and aesthetics, spanning from Merce Cunningham to Pina Bausch. The female body is a body in motion. Each garment gives the wearer an enhanced awareness of her own physique through sartorial quality and free deconstruction, towards an absolute celebration of individuality.


The body is always at the center of the scene in “ACT II – BODY REBIRT”. The inspiration came from the desire to imagine alternative worlds; to rethink the future in terms of sensuality and femininity, through a rigorous and clean aesthetic, essential and stripped of the superfluous. Hence the idea of ​​an alien woman, catapulted into a sunny landscape, vaguely inspired by the Palais Bulle by Pierre Cardin, defined by sinuous and avant-garde architectures and gigantic buildings, with curved lines and soft spaces. Eroticism is tinged with unexpected colors, inspired by the 60s palettes of iconic Space Age designers; tones sunny, warm, burnt cooled by lilac, teal and silver. The shilouettes are second skin, they sculpt the body and redesign it thanks to the graphic cut-outs present even on tailored blazers. The masculine meets the feminine; relaxed suits are cut from hyperfeminine pieces attached to the body. The desire for freedom of movement is realized in the addition of relaxed volumes.
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