Anna Maria Mongillo
  • Accessories
  • Bag
  • Genderless
  • Made in sud
  • Startup
  • Sustainability
Designer Anna Maria Mongillo, founder of the āim brand, had the intuition and determination to create unique pieces. To be more precise, her initial idea was to give them a new life. She started from a vintage bag handle, which she found among hundreds of other old and different pieces. This piece inspired the designer to tell a story of balance and perfection, mixed with strength and determination. The principle of being found, rather than planned, is the key ingredient in Anna Maria’s new line, who felt the need to develop her own special creative project. āim enters the market as a Made-in-Italy brand, created with equal attention to both aesthetic design and excellent craftsmanship, with a slower pace to focus on the details.


āim is a handbag collection that, as per its name, brings a scope, an objective: expressing an idea of simple but resolute beauty that arises from a deep grounding with the feminine self and manifests through the aesthetic of shapes, elegance, and dynamism. In a society where femininity is often squashed under the weight of professional and social expectations, where we are often forced to fit into a more masculine role to keep up with this inhuman pace, we find strength in the full integration of the feminine. Where respecting craftmanship is more important than following an unstable trend.
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