Justin Gall
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Justin Gall is an American designer who combines his skills in human physiology, art, graphics and fashion design to create the modern world of GALL. Justin Gall is one of a rare breed of designers, very proud of doing everything on his own: from his modular design to his abstract prints and graphic patterns, through the photos of finished products in every lookbook, which he personally takes. Working in this way, his vision and his creations can evolve constantly without distractions.
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The name of the collection, Nydia, means home, nest, safe place. It is not only influenced by the moment we are living in, when in most cases we are forced to stay in our homes. Nydia also talks about an inner home, a private planet of the self where all the elements – even when in contrast – have to work together.  It is within this introspective environment that we fight our biggest battles, struggling against our demons, weaknesses, fears and anxiety – but only up to the point where we can face these elements of ourselves, confront them and truly accept them to then evolve with them.  Nydia is dedicated to a safe place for the self, a sacred, intimate, important place to take care of.
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