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Three designers from Campania and a match of three complementary styles – three like the number of founders: Antonio Ragosta, Armando Benenato and Luca Ragosta. 3DICI is a group of three professionals who share an important heritage. Armando, who is in charge of tailoring for 3DICI, is the son of a successful entrepreneur and clothing manufacturer, as well as the cousin of the designer and owner of the brand Isabel Benenato. Alongside him is Luca’s experience. After earning a degree in economics and collaborating for a few years with various brands, Luca now uses his entrepreneurial skills to focus on the fashion segment. And then there is Antonio, who focuses on streetwear fashion, and who has extensive experience in the field of public relations and fashion business.


The sun, the sea and…. love: a collection designed and created to enhance the tan, a range of “pastel” colours mixed with a tailloring style suitable for people who love to feel admired and flattered. “Under the sun’s rays how beautiful it is to dream while hugging you” sang Edoardo Vianello in the Italian summer nights of 1963: Abbronzatissima S/S 22.
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