21.23 Brand
Chiara Bindoni
  • Accessories
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21.23 Brand is an artisanal Made-in-Italy footwear brand founded by Chiara Bindoni in 2018. 21.23 footwear is incisive and stands out both for its eclectic nature and for its quality. The idea of starting from loafers as a model is fundamental to understand the core value of the brand: to make a product with a vibrant and unique basic structure, and to develop a shoe that can be a reflection of the wearer. Easily adaptable, all 21.23 models can be combined with any style, so that anyone can always express their personality.


The 21.23 collection is made up of items that are considered carryovers. New models with fabric variations are added to the existing collection. In order to perpetuate 21.23’s DNA as an Italian artisan brand of loafers, each season is carefully prepared by selecting leathers and fabrics according to seasonal trends. The new models of the following seasons will all have loafers as their starting point, since they are an integral part of the brand’s vision.
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