Enzo Pirozzi / Irene De Caprio
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0770 is a high-end brand that consists of womenswear and leather accessories. Straying away from the concept mass distribution and focused on high standards through the use of quality materials, construction and design, every piece is made in Italy and is made with the utmost care. Is a journey that starts from the outskirts of Naples, southern Italy, between creativity, arts, crafts and contemporary technology. Hand stitching and using ancient techniques and form, modern details are entwined with handcrafted, sophisticated details. The focal point is the female body; the concrete being the essence of femininity. Loud and proud, sensuality is loud and vivid, bossy and riotous: it’s pure rock. Merging together, Enzo Pirozzi, (designer) and Irene De Caprio (photographer) come from diverse backgrounds and various studies, and take their experiences that produce pieces of wonder and enchantment. Their collaboration expands beyond the brand: the duo has worked together for over 10 years, and has collaborated with other artists ranging between theater, cinema, music and solo exhibitions in art galleries.
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Laser-cut animal prints, hand dyes and slim volumes characterize the fall-winter 21/22 collection called “Tales of future tribe”. Corsets, belts and bags, made of vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, portray the woman of the future: resilient and combative, honest and free, like the queen of a metropolitan tribe.
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Corsetto B145

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